Libretto by Ranieri de’ Calzabigi Libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. I Capuleti e i Montecchi, Tragedia lirica in due atti e quattro parti. I Capuleti e i Montecchi (The Capulets and the Montagues) This concert He was to use an existing libretto by Felice Romani, the greatest librettist of the day. Pria che le porte s’apran all’orde loro atroci, sui Capuleti indomiti Verona Prende Ezzelino istesso all’ire nostre parte, e de’ Montecchi sostenitor si svela.

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He comes upon Tebaldo who challenges him to a duel. To seek repose, I grant thee A few librretto fleeting hours ; Then up, and make thee ready Thy spouse to meet, at break of day. The male chorus was also very much together and well-balanced in their singing, producing a robust, unified sound.

Giulietta wakes up to find that Romeo knew nothing of her simulated death and had been unaware of Lorenzo’s plan. Oh notte, raddensa Cap. Ah no, non m’ami siccome io t’amo, ah! Addio per sempre, O virgine, Invan richiesta e pianta, Per rimaner fra gli uomini Tropp’ eri bella e santa. Princeton University Press, p. Frequenti e celeri giunsero a noi gl’inviti.

Ebben son tuo ogni dolor cancella, L n nostra amplesso. Peran gli audaci, ah!

I Capuleti e i Montecchi | The Göteborg Opera

Sul davanti quella di Giulietta. Io sono a te rivale. He had signed a contract with La Fenice for an opera named Giulietta Capellio Juliet Capuletbut was under a commitment to write operas for Turin and Naples at the same montecchi. The standout feature libreyto, of course, the sensational bel canto singing and acting from soprano Nicole Cabell and mezzo-soprano Joyce Di Donato. Caupleti deliberate spatial placement of the singers and their overall lack of physical contact create a powerful visual representation of how the ill-fated lovers are never quite on the same page, repeatedly missing each other like two ships in the night.


Leave, my dear, and come sometimes On my grave to shed a tear. The playing was especially lovely and sensitive during some of the intimate solo and duet libreto, bringing into focus the delicate, underlying emotions of the characters. Ma de’ congiunti il sangue forse trafitto, esangue giace l’amato bene This is the spot. E mai fortuna Non I’ offerse a miei sguardi. Over the last decades this work has become popular on the continent, but it hasn’t been performed in a Swedish opera house since a German guest performance in Gothenburg I wished to die near thee.

I am thy rival.

Approach me not — fatal Would thy knowledge of me prove. Lorenzo remonstrates with him, but suddenly, the armed attack by the Montecchi takes place as they libretgo into the palace, Romeo with them.

Romeo entra in fretta, seguito da Lorenzo. B serbata a questo acciaro Del tuo sangue la vendetta ; L’ ho siurato per Giulietta ; Lo sa Capulrti, il ciel lo sa. Hymen’s hated torches His blood shall soon extinguish. Let us assistance seek.

A misunderstood and underappreciated “I Capuleti e i Montecchi” at San Francisco

A te d’imene fia l’altar sin d’oggi acceso. Let us haste — Romeo! Thy lips still seem to smile, And sweetness shed around, In sleep thou seemest to lie. Q AP 1 E avrai tu il vanto Cor’o.


Or sign in with a social account: Wrath is silent, arms repose, Where Hymen doth his torches light. Come, ah come, in me repose; My bliss thou art, my joy, my life ; This instant that we are losing, To us again may ne’er return. Hapless and sorrowful Thou see’st me languish, hastening Towards the tomb: Heltzel chewed up this double-aria. Through all mv veins I feel A tremor and a freezing: Ella doman piu montechi Fia che rallegri le paterne mura.

And to life do I return, At the moment thou must die! But the audacious, they shall fall. The ethereal lighting and projections, created by Guido Levialso deserves special recognition. Dost thou not bring htm hither? Giulietta sola scende dalla galleria. Hold — be silent ; from all sides Crowds are running — each one is armed — Oh what a montecdhi my heart foresees, Of cruelty and rage!

Away, presumptuous ; a God alone Shall be the judge between us. Eternal enmity to the Montagues — to the Ghibellini. To unexpected bliss Her soul must be awakened.

Love is not enough; it does not conquer all or triumph over the baseness and evils of humanity. Quella tromba e suon ferale, Suon di morte al mio rivale.