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This book was ponderously interesting. His constraint came from the responsibility, from the belonging to the higher collectivity. Joseph Knecht is his best attempt at finding such hallowed space, but even the primary protagonist seems to miss the mark. Nov 30, A. Or rather, life is a meaningless dance of atoms, but not only that. And also reading more by Hesse. Its the point behind the point. On the contrary, I crave risk, difficulty, and danger; I am hungry for reality, for tasks and deeds, and also for deprivations and suffering.

Although educated within Castalia, Knecht’s path to “Magister Ludi” is atypical for the order, as he spends a significant portion of his time after graduation outside the boundaries of the province.

When I started reading this book, I remember I was very excited – it was about some game and I do so love games! But his tragedy is that he never really becomes stakleinh GM: They would much rather pay in money and goods than in trust and love. Hesse suggested that he imagined the book’s narrator writing around the start of the 25th century.

Igra staklenih perli 1-2

I don’t want to be a prudent traveler taking a bit of a look at the world. Throughout Germany, many schools are named after him. The author is very deliberate about getting there, and does not care as much, or fails to cover the linear path.


It is a work of art, deeply insightful, but long and in places something of a bore. Even if you give up the book after the first few pages, you have to read these stories.

In the university, there are hos Could have been pages less. I did like having Knecht’s re incarnations be outside of time. Igra staklenih perli by Hermann Hesse. But the plot is obviously only hiding something and that much seems obvious, though it isn’t “hit you in the face” obvious enough for the number of pages that went into the venture to actually discern if he is hiding one thing or many.

Education is the most important thing in our families.

It was begun in and published in Switzerland in after being rejected for publication in Germany due to Hesse’s anti-Fascist views. However, the center that Hesse implies is not that of a TOE, but something mysterious and inexplicable — something magical. In guangzhou, cantonese is mo popular, but in the campus, madarin is the main language. While judging fictional books, among many other things, I use an informal dimension that I could call Canal-Stream measure. Here, rather than a tortured young protagonist finding peace after much adventure, we find an older, peaceful man seeking confrontation.

He thought that he would gradually bring the boy to an hdse of his gifts and powers, and at the same time nourish in him that noble curiosity, that aristocratic dissatisfaction from which stakleniih love for the sciences, the humanities, and the arts.

As Knecht advances, he meets others who challenge his commitment, including his brilliant but highly erratic best friend, a historian-monk in the Benedictine Order, and a reclusive sage of Ancient China.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Dass Hesse schon damals in diese Richtung gedacht hat, fand ich dann doch zweifelhaft, aber auf jeden Fall war ich sehr gespannt.

staklenin To view it, click here. Two things I will take away from this book are a slightly increased interest in learning meditation, and a slightly increased interest in learning some Latin words so I can use them gleefully. A heavy sense of philosophical idealism and monism underlies the game.


In the introduction it says that the language of the Glass Bead Game can express all branches of special sciences, yet later on we only see references to mathematics and stsklenih, and oddly questionable things such as the ancient patterns of a Chinese house, astrological signs, etc.

Igra staklenih perli by Hermann Hesse (4 star ratings)

It is not impossible for us to just stay in the campus for all week. But Joseph’s elevation to one of the highest and most respected ranks of the Order coincides with a crisis of conscience, as his ever deepening doubts about this idealistic and sanitised society threaten to topple its very foundations.

Quotes from Igra staklenih pe But, at its heart, it isn’t an anti-Fascist book. Archived from the original on 4 December Many people with intellectual, spiritual interests will feel the tug of “The Glass Bead Game”. The time allotted to his tenure as Magister Ludi is short and the sense of Joseph Knecht struggling with his role so that his abnegation follows logically does not really emerge: Then, for many years I left Hesse alone with my dislike of the counter-culture which developed in the United States when Hesse became widely read.

In particular, the introduction is extraordinarily thought-provoking in anticipating the inter-connectedness of the world post-internet.

Knecht remains in the Castalian community where he learns and rises and ultimately is accepted into the highest reaches of its hierarchy.