Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World Jack Weatherford explains how the peoples of the Americas have been forgotten for. Indian Givers turned out to be an educational and at the same time very sobering read. Because while Jack Weatherford makes a very strong point as to why the. “As entertaining as it is contemporary writers have Weatherford’s talent for making the deep sweep of history seem vital and immediate.”.

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Europeans used animal power, which the Indians couldn’t use. How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World. Open Preview See a Problem?

Trouble was, none of these areas of expertise helped them stand up to an enemy that had them outmanned and outgunned. His ideas, which are boldly stated, are often presented in a glib manner, weathrford at points errors of omission shine through. How the Indians of the Americas transformed the world.

Secondly, he talks about food, in terms of the way the diet of Europeans weatherfotd with cornbeans, potatoestomatoes weatherrord, and peppers; in terms of how the food is grown, produced, and preserved; and in terms of the culinary arts.

Retrieved from ” https: They had a superior system in terms of environment as well, which is only recognised now that the fear of global warming and fear about a lack of future for humanity has made some – not all – people do a double take! That feat was not duplicated until the US came up with the Pony Express, but the Incans had managed to do with – without the pony.

References to this work on external resources. Weatherord world was wanting felt hats, and the best pelt for felt was beaver, because the hairs clung together, did not loose their shape, and remained waterproof. For more help see the Common Knowledge help page.

Overall I feel great about this book even though it made me feel stupid. The European migrants knew this, Columbus knew this, and for sake of keeping a falsehood so Columbus would not risk his reputation or lose his head the sailors working with him who all knew indoan were sworn to say the opposite.


However, when Weatherford sticks to the main focus of the book, he provides a lot of very good information that deserves to be known about how native people of the Americas contributed their resources and knowledge to the world or, most often, had it taken from them. To ask other readers questions about Indian Giversplease sign up. Jun 11, Cindy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Weatherford’s book is well-researched and certainly sensitive to the plight of the natives.

Hopefully this edition will go further in getting out the message of just how vital a role Native Americans played in transforming the world. In addition to what others failed to recognise, they also had potato and tomato and chillies and chocolate, and where in the world can people do without every one of these indeed! Bythe Dutch had assumed effective control over the House of Trade in what has been called a “silent takeover”.

Esa es la que conocemos. All in all, I recommend “Indian Givers” as a good book to read, consider, and draw your own conclusion.

Indian Givers

A good amount of vocabulary in English is borrowed weatnerford Arabic, Persian and India, while Latin and Greek are younger siblings if not daughters of Sanskrt and therefore the ease of India in European languages beginning with Englishrealised and perforce admitted by Europe long before the present era of denial.

He took the message, either in written or verbal form, and ran it up to the next stop – miles away! Google Books — Loading The Europeans also invented machines and devices to make their work easier.

With References and Index. And there is still much more to learn from all North a Growing up in “Iroquoi lands” of upstate NY, I was always intrigued with the names of local towns and lakes, and obviously learned wetherford origins were Native American. Add to Your books. Jul 04, Janice L. Weaherford of food, less trouble with fitting the environment. For that matter, the huge and mostly unnecessary – who ever died or fell sick for lack of face paint? Saying that without the contributions of Aeatherford both North and Southmany of the things we take for granted would never have happened.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This was very eyeopening – and totally made me want to know more about these incredible peoples.


He received an M. I learned a lot. What it adds for readers of Mann’s books is a number of chapters on the cultural contributions Natives gave in terms of our society’s appreciation for freedom, democracy and political thought.

And then, to belatedly allow that the natives “contributed” to US and “transformed the world” – hellow, they did not massacre all newly arriving migrants, in fact they helped the migrants settle like all good neighbours do, and so they in fact are the founding stone of the edifice in every way! Hack time the natives of the western continent were able to assume their own identity.

Indian Givers by Jack Weatherford | : Books

The ability to calculate even more complicated mathematics, like the Aztecs had? Then it seemed to go off on a Marxist tangent. Strange book in that Weatherford does not provide an introduction – he just jumps right in. So often, teachers don’t think to prepare young students before Native Americans come as guests, and kids ask questions like “where’s your feathers? In hindsight, this book should be viewed as incomplete. The movies have this example of the Great Indian Chief, but in real life, most tribes were ruled by a council of elders, not by one guy who was in charge of everything.

More a focus on how European explorers stole from and exploited the natives when they arrived in the Americas.

But Indians had life pretty easy in some ways. And there is still much more to learn from all North and South America indigenous peoples that we need to share, research and discover before it too is weafherford. As far as incorrect, he at one time mentions that “most Africans have a natural immunity to malaria. In each chapter, Weatherford presents detailed ways in which Native Americans have contributed to the well-being of our planet only to have been shunned and persecuted by–well, read any history on this topic.

Germans post wwi survived on potato as do poor in many a societies even now. But I am glad that I read this book.