James Blish was a popular science fiction writer and critic who began his literary career while still in his mid-teens. Not yet out of high school. City Fathers by James Blish: A set of computer systems which run every mechanical system in a city. Cities in Flight deals with long-term space travel. Cities in Flight is an omnibus, first published in , that collects together four novels by James Blish. Those novels themselves were.

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Earthman, Come Home

In the late ‘s to the early ‘s, Blish was a member of the Futurians. Cities in Flight 3. Well this is ‘hard’ science fiction. What I’d like to find if I reread the things today is a technical discussion of how the cities were levitated and maintained in flight.

Cities in Flight – Wikipedia

Daniel Wolf rated it liked it Mar 18, Blish also somehow makes the world of 30XX seem more like regular old the year of publication than even his fictional of the first story. Amalfi plays Captain Kirk. But later chooses to move over to Gort, a planet in the fities Hruntan Empire. Jan 09, Tony rated it really liked it Shelves: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

When they needed facts, they asked the machines. Another really good book. Paperbackpages. I guess it is a classic but it hasn’t dated well and doesn’t have as much to offer the modern reader as other classics.


He died midway through writing Star Trek 12; his wife, J. The other books, while having their own points of interest, feel like afterthoughts in comparison. Of course, God in his wisdom has a much simpler plan that everybody, even a child can understand. Joined Mar 21, Messages 9, Location Australia. In They Shall Have Stars the first spindizzy runs off a dry cell battery.

You get formulae to describe the physics and the organic chemistry. The system has both redundancy and internal error-checking.

The book does take oblique looks at two common Blish themes: Socially, it also feels extremely dated as if everyone in the future is still living in an imaginary ‘s. And they’re some quite half-baked ideas too. Still, I’d have to say this was my least favourite out of all the 4 books.

Cover of the first omnibus edition, I had never heard of James Blish, let alone read any of his works. Good ol’ jakes sci-fi, where the rich vastness of the universe is nonetheless incapable of dislodging the narrative from narrow-minded white American male-ness.

I read this book years ago when in my teens and it fired my imagination. They Shall Have Stars also published under the title Year ! James Blish has not really thought very far forward in his imagination of society; hundreds of years may pass, but people talk and act the same, and the city looks the same. Clties is actually 4 complete novels. One rebellious, but powerful senator organizes a lot of scientific and engineering research knowing that the west will collapse soon and opening up the stars for travel and colonization.


They were all over the galaxy and I found it incredibly hard to keep track of time and distance. The problem is that he is It just seemed like there were a lot of “own goals”, one might foight. Goodness knows that last one would have some serious Unfortunate Implications if that was the case.

May 16, Buck rated it liked it Shelves: The rest of the Cities in Flight sequence does not quite live up to this novel however. Bpish, the comments about New York’s subways in the story also kind of makes me wonder – when New York lifted for the first time, was it just Manhattan Island? When Amalfi finally manages to escape from the Hruntans, the City has accumulated even more violations on its record, and the earth police are not happy with them. The continuation from Part 1 is somewhat weak.