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After 2 to 4 years of training, all patients can walk without assistance, rarely fall, and feel more secure while walking. The results may be attributed to the effect of neuromuscular facilitation during Tai Chi practice.

Most trials applied week Tai Chi intervention courses. Tai Chi treatment for depression in Chinese Americans: After 6 weeks of Tai Chi exercise, patient’s stride length, stride frequency, and gait speed were significantly increased, and knee pain was decreased.

Although previous studies have shown that Tai Chi has potential benefits, most of the studies have limitations in study design, such as 1 a small-sample size, 2 nonrandomized trials, 3 lack of training intensity measurement, and 4 significant differences in training protocols.

Changes in muscle strength, endurance, and reaction of the lower extremities with Tai Chi intervention. Pharmaceutical therapy based on lifestyle modification plays an important role in dyslipidemia treatment, but accompanies with residual risks and potential adverse effects Nicholls et al. In a recent study [ 81 ], Lee and colleagues assigned 40 patients with AS to Tai Chi or control group.

After 12 months, the Tai Chi and cognition-action groups showed a lesser decline in ADL than the control group. In a recent meta-analysis, Leung and colleagues [ 51 ] reported that Tai Chi was effective in improving balance of older adults, but it may not be superior to other interventions. Effects of Tai Chi exercise on patients with type 2 diabetes. Current Pain and Headache Reports. Hemodynamic responses to a community-based Tai Chi exercise intervention in ethnic Chinese adults with cardiovascular disease risk factors.


Recently Tai Chi gained worldwide popularity as a consequence of multifaceted physical and psychological benefits, especially for the older population Wayne and Kaptchuk, The prevention of falls depends on the timely initiation of an appropriate postural response.

In future research, a randomized controlled trial with standardized training protocol should be utilized according to the principles of exercise prescription. During the performance of Tai Chi, weight shifting, body rotation, and single-leg standing in different positions are frequently practiced. In patients with hypertension, studies showed that Tai Chi training might decrease systolic BP range: In addition, the forced vital capacity, forced expiratory volume in the first second, walking distance, and exacerbation rate were improved in the TCQ group [ ].

Balance difficulties are also prominent during turning and backward walking, and thus patients with PD have high risk of falls [ 68 ]. In another study [ 80 ], 15 patients with RA were instructed on Tai Chi exercise twice weekly for 12 weeks. During the familiarization phase, the exercise intensity and amount of training are inconsistent. Good compliances were reported in all studies with no adverse events from Tai Chi practicing. Curr Sports Med Rep.

HRR is typically utilized to establish HR-based training zones according to the heart rate reserve method. After training, the Tai Chi group showed significant catalot in WOMAC pain, physical function, and stiffness score than the control group. China Publications Center; Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide.

Journal of Advanced Nursing. Arthritis Care and Research. In addition, Tai Chi has significant benefits to lower extremity range of motion for patients with RA.


Tai Chi Chuan in Medicine and Health Promotion

After 12 weeks of training, the Tai Chi group displayed greater improvements in quality of life, exercise self-efficacy, and mood. Preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses: Wu G, Ren X.

Patients were assigned to a Tai Chi or an attention control group. The effects of tai chi on the renal and cardiac functions of patients with chronic kidney and cardiovascular diseases.

Tai Chi Chuan in Medicine and Health Promotion

Evid Based Complement Altern Med. Chronic low-back pain LBP is prevalent in the general population, and exercise therapy is among the effective interventions showing small-to-moderate effects for patients with LBP. Study Participant Location No. Journal of Vestibular Research. Journal of Pain Symptom Management.

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Tai Chi can be applied in patients with depression. Training duration of Tai Chi may influence the accuracy of joint position sense. Changes in haemodynamic parameters following Tai Chi Chuan and aerobic exercise in patients recovering from acute myocardial infarction.

The duration and plantar pressure distribution during one-leg stance in Tai Chi exercise. Please review our privacy policy. Standing balance after vestibular stimulation in Tai Chi—practicing and nonpracticing healthy older adults. Tai Chi for Orthopedic Disease 7.

In those studies, 9 out of 11 studies confirmed soorts improvements in mood and depressive symptoms, 7 out of 8 studies showed reduction in anger and tension, and 6 out of 10 studies displayed improvements in anxiety reduction.