Kadamattom Chruch: this is a very famous and old church of Kadamattathu Kathanar. many stories are made on this church and Kathanar. – See 43 traveler . Kadamattathu Kathanar (Christian priest of Kadamattathu church) is a legendary person whose legends are closely related to the beginning of the Kadamattam. The eventful life story of the powerful priest, Kadamattathu Kathanar.. Glimpses of Kerala. Tourist Spots. Ernakulam. Tourist. Videos.

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The early political history of Ernakulam is interlinked with that of the Chera Dynasty of the Sangam age, after the Cheras, the place was later ruled by the Kingdom of Cochin. Even the breeze surrounding it whispered strange chants in our ears. But soon the priest realized that Deacon Poulose, who went in search of the cattle, did not return.

Kathanar’s Magical Powers

When the region was part of the Chera empire, it was known as Thiruvazhumkode. Search parties went out in different directions that night. The Kingdom of Travancore was an Indian kingdom from until They got episcopal support from Persian bishops, who traveled to Kerala in merchant ships through spice route and ruled by a hereditary local chief called an Archdeacon from Pakalomattam family.

The popular name of their Order originates from this feature of their religious habit, inFriar Matteo obtained the approval of Pope Clement VII and was given permission to live as a hermit and to go about everywhere preaching to the poor.

The priest and Deacon Poulose, immediately summoned the people in the village and they went out in different directions searching for the cattle.

Francis, Matteo and the original band were soon joined by others.

He used the magical powers that he mastered for the good of many people and became quite popular. Kunnappillil Varkey Vaidyan was the first president of the elected Panchayat Committee, Muvattupuzha was raised to the status of a Municipality in the year EithihyamaalaIythiha Maala legends of Kerala.


The slumber during the return journey conjured up an imaginary version of the Kathanar driving a long iron nail into the head of a Yakshi. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. Kadamatttahu biblical description of the qualities required of a deacon, and of his household, can be found in 1 Timothy 3, prominent historical figures who played major roles as deacons and went on to higher office include Saint Athanasius of Alexandria, Thomas Becket and Reginald Pole.

These men katnanar known as permanent deacons in contrast to those continuing their formation, there is no sacramental or canonical difference between the two, however, as there is only one order of deacons.

Neeli Kills Meprad Thirumeni

In medieval legends, history and fables were combined inextricably. The culture is a synthesis of Aryan and Dravidian cultures, developed over millennia, under influences from other parts of India, the production of pepper and natural rubber contributes significantly to the total national output. He said even after the time of Kadamattathu Kathanar, there have been other priests that cured people of their illnesses and this contained prayers used for it.

The moss on the ground was slippery too. The tradition of origin of the Christians in Kerala is found in a version of the Songs of Kadamatttathu or Thomma Parvam, written in believed to be a summary of a larger and older work. One of the children in the family caught a disease which could be neither identified nor cured by the local doctors.

Kadamattom feast is one of the festivals observed held during the January — February period 2. If there are three readings, the first is from the Old Testament, or the Acts of the Apostles during Eastertide, the first reading is followed by a psalm, either sung responsorially or recited. The permanent diaconate formation period in the Roman Catholic Church varies from diocese to diocese as it is determined by the local ordinary, although they are assigned to work in a parish by the diocesan bishop, once assigned, deacons are under the supervision of the parish pastor.


Unknown inscription on the wall of the church. The Kadamattom Church – a Historic Monument. His body was buried in Kadamattom Church. Every day a servant boy took them to the nearby hills for grazing. The other major orders are those of bishop and presbyter, the diaconate continued in a vestigial form as a temporary, final step along the course toward ordination to priesthood.

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What’s your side of the story? History and fables are expertly interwoven to form his story, but nevertheless the goodness that he stood for, transcends generations.

Their leader who became fond of Paulose, allowed him to stay with them for many years during which he learned the secrets of magical performances. The Elevation of the host. Tradition points out the existence of Christians in that area from kadmaattathu beginning of Christian Era. EithihyamaalaIythiha Maala legends of Kerala. The story of Kadamattathu Kathanar is as follows: Around the end of the 1st century, the organization became clearer in historical documents.

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He was taken care of by his mother for a short period before her death after which he came under the patronage of the Persian priest Mar Abo.

I was jolted out of the reverie and when I looked, it seemed like I was hurtling ktahanar a large tree! It was just the car heading to Kathnaar, going down past the pineapple plantations in Muvattupuzha. They gradually gained support, especially with the help of Palliveettil Mar Chandy Kathanar, according to Jesuit reports they succeeded in wooing three of the four advisors of Mar Thoma I. The Mala Arayas searched for him in vain.

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