planet-earth-lowtouch-banner Kenneth E. Boulding () was a British economist, educator, systems scientist and interdisciplinary. “Spaceship Earth”: Boulding, Kenneth E.(). Period of local pollution. Period of global ruin of human sustainability. The capability of nature to clean up by. Abstract. The work of Kenneth Boulding is sometimes cited as being foundational to the understanding of how the economy interacts with the.

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All human societies have likewise been open systems. For example, in a survey of 36 global financial institutions by the Finance Initiative of the UN Environment Programme, 75 percent stated that they monitor environmental risks to transactions, bouldibg 42 percent accounted explicitly for such risks in their credit assessments.

Economic Principles for “Spaceship Earth”

While manufacturing processes may not be as resource-intensive as mining or electronics manufacturing, the clothing industry can realize critical efficiencies with circular manufacturing and product design. From the point of view of the energy system, the econosphere involves inputs of available energy in the form, say, of water power, fossil fuels, or sunlight, which are necessary in order to create the material throughput and to move matter from the noneconomic set into the economic set or even out of it again; and energy itself is given off by the spacesihp in a less available form, mostly in the form of zpaceship.

Common international approaches are needed to evaluate environmental impacts and inform decisionmaking.

There was almost always somewhere beyond the known limits of human habitation, and over a very large part of the time that man has been on earth, there has been something like a frontier.

Such public support could be funded through the removal of environmentally harmful subsidies. One only has to look at the folk culture of Appalachian migrants to American cities to see a culture which started out as a fairly eearth European folk culture in Elizabethan times and spacdship seems to have lost both skills, adaptability, folk tales, songs, and almost everything that goes up to make richness and complexity in a culture, in the course of about ten generations.

Realizing the benefits of technology spillovers therefore also depends on an important and complementary role for government in supporting private sector initiatives in green innovation.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. From book IV, chapter It is true, for instance, that many of the kennteh problems of pollution of thc atmosphere or eagth bodies of water arise because of the failure of the price system, and many of them could be solved by corrective taxation.

The shadow of the spacesnip spaceship, indeed, is already falling over our spendthrift merriment. Although, apparently, he has never called himself an ecological economist, his work can be seen as one of the foundations boupding ecological economics.

My neglect of the immediate problems, therefore, is in no way intended to deny their importance, for unless we at least make a beginning on a process for solving the immediate problems we will not have much chance of solving the larger ones.


In recent years, the opportunities for businesses to capitalize on these initiatives have proliferated. It is urgent we live in harmony within this complex and marvellous spaceship Earth. It is only in very recent times, of course, that the information coming in from the universe has been captured and coded into the form of a complex image of what the universe is like outside the earth; but even in primitive times, man’s perception of spacezhip heavenly bodies has always profoundly affected his image of earth and of himself.

The image of the frontier is probably one spwceship the oldest images of mankind, and it is not surprising that we find it hard to get rid of.

Piloting “Spaceship Earth” into a Circular Economy – Artemis Water Strategy

That is, there was always some place else to go when things got too difficult, either by reason of thc deterioration of the natural environment or a deterioration of the social structure in places where people happened to live.

If the world is looking for a new set of economic principles to guide the global economy on a more prosperous and sustainable path, it should therefore look not just to governments and international policymakers. The private sector is beginning to take a lead in fostering global environmental responsibility and stewardship.

Since its publication, this essay has had a profound influence on much of our thinking about the global economy and sustainability. One can hope, therefore, that as a succession of mounting crises, especially in pollution, arouse public opinion and mobilize support for the solution of the immediate problems, a learning process will be set in motion which will eventually lead to an appreciation of and perhaps solutions for the larger ones.

When it depreciates beyond a certain point, we go to another concert in order to restore it. Subscribe to Resources Magazine Sign up to receive each new issue of Resources via email.

We are all familiar, of course, with the wastes involved in planned obsolescence, in competitive advertising, and in poor quality of consumer goods.

It is this last consideration, perhaps, which makes one pause. I would argue strongly also that our obsession with production and consumption to the exclusion of the “state” aspects of human welfare distorts the process of technological change in a most undesirable way. Since the early s, such backing has enabled Japan to develop and maintain a competitive edge in green innovationand to become a global leader in green manufacturing, especially for consumer durables, ksnneth vehicles, parts and accessories, electrical equipment, and other eartg machinery.

Thus we see the econosphere as a material process involving the discovery and mining of fossil fuels, ores, etc. How much savings justify the eadth and risk of new solutions? Does economic welfare involve having nice clothes, fine houses, good equipment, and so on, or is it to be measured by the depreciation and the wearing out of these things? John Wiley and Sons, Also inKenneth E.


Menu Home What is E4A? The very existence of a positive rate of interest may be taken as at least strong supporting evidence of this hypothesis. Something of both these elements seems actually to be involved in it, and as far as I know there have been practically no studies directed towards identifying these two dimensions of human satisfaction. Here we have spaecship interesting example of a system which seems to maintain itself by the self-generation of inputs, and in this sense is moving towards closure.

Increasingly, investors and insurers are requiring better quantitative assessments of environmental risks for investment portfolios —risks kennsth from climate change, natural resource scarcity, and pollution—and are incorporating these assessments in their long-term investment decisions.

From the human point of view, knowledge or information is by far the most important of the three systems. We certainly do not want a constant state to be maintained; we want fluctuations in the state. Some isolated primitive societies may have approximated to this, but even these had to take inputs from the environment and give outputs to it.

The Ecological Economics of Boulding’s Spaceship Earth

The law of torts is quite inadequate to provide for the correction of the price system which is required, simply because where damages are widespread and their incidence on any particular person is small, the ordinary remedies of the civil law are quite inadequate and inappropriate. We travel together, passengers on a little space ship, dependent on its vulnerable reserves of air and soil; all committed for our safety to its security and peace; preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work, and, I will say, the love we give our fragile craft.

The development of nuclear energy has improved this picture, but has not fundamentally altered it, at least in present technologies, for fissionable material is still relatively scarce. After Japan, Germany has the strongest international record in green innovation, and continues to be well ahead of other European countries in green manufacturing, especially the production of wind turbines and solar panels.

Ahead of the opening of the Paris climate change conference in DecemberBill Gates of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and other high-tech entrepreneurs announced the formation of the Breakthrough Energy Coalitionwhich will fund a worldwide public-private partnership among governments, research institutions, and investors to finance clean energy innovation and low-carbon development around the globe.

Finally, a sketch is offered of how the ideas in the Spaceship Earth essay relate to current understanding within social ecological economics. The problems which Bouldimg have been raising in this paper are of larger scale and perhaps much harder to solve than the more practical and immediate problems of the above paragraph.