With the following single kettlebell workout, you can work on all your strength movements in one session with sets of reps. Despite what people think the RKC is not about kettlebells. Here are five lessons anyone in fitness should take from the philosophy behind the RKC. Dragon Door’s 14lb Russian Kettlebell is an Excellent Choice for Young Adults or Women Who Want to Quickly Transform their Physical Shape—Lose Body Fat.

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That’s our gift to you, when you sign up today for Dragon Door’s essential newsletters: Weird as that may seem, once people begin to understand them a bit better, kettlebells tend to be known more like the all-in-one gym.

Yet it currently lacks much of the additional networking and new products to promote and sell. Item P10J Authentic Russian kettlebell, with rust resistant e-coat. Get your training questions answered with the experts and with fellow enthusiasts on the Dragon Door Forum. That’s our gift to you, when you sign up today for Dragon Door’s essential newsletters:. They can also be friendlier to the joints, allowing for a more natural flowing movement in some lifts than, say, kettlsbell a barbell.

Sarah Wolff-Diaz Share this page: However, there are some differences between the two.

It contends that strength has a greater purpose. The RKC is more than just a three-day certification. Which are there more of in the world?


Kettlebells: RKC or SFG? – uthinki

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like as a LEGO character? Clothing must allow the instructor to assess the student for proper form. Should you fail kettlebel make the requirements, you may arrange to be re-tested.

Policies Terms Site Map. Russian Kettlebell – 10 lbs. What is something you do differently to most people? At the end of the course you will be asked to demonstrate your ability to teach RKC kettlebell exercises that you learned during the workshop to a volunteer from the public. You have not viewed any products recently. Thank you, you have successfully kettlenell up for our mailing list s.

The exact reason for the split may only ever be truly known to a handful of insiders. This may expand the body of knowledge and skills for all. Kettlsbell Terms Site Map. Russian Kettlebell – 48kg lbs. Item P10L Authentic Russian kettlebell, with rust resistant e-coat. Russian Kettlebell – 18 lbs.

Item P10F Authentic Russian kettlebell, with rust resistant e-coat. Dragon Door, as a publisher, is aiming to maintain and expand its line of products offered and sold. There are three categories of kettlebell exercises taught at the RKC that are not tested.

When we say kettlebell, we mean strength. Both Dragon Door and StrongFirst continue to offer kettlebell trainer certifications. StrongFirst has moved in exactly the direction that its name kettlebll, placing strength first and foremost as rc foundation upon which other skills are built.


Join us—and experience the Dragon Door Health Advantage today There are different requirements based on gender and age group. Item P10U Authentic Russian kettlebell, with rust resistant e-coat. They did this so that they could keep learning from Pavel.

The student must remain motionless until the rep is called.

RKC Kettlebell | Kettlebell Certification | Kettlebell DVD | Dragon Door

Where a gap in the armour exists however, is that the appeal to the authority of Pavel and his knowledge, as justification, is now considerably weakened. Item P10G Authentic Russian kettlebell, with rust resistant e-coat.

As it claims, it is: In order to be certified you must pass all requirements. Once certified, you are joining the ranks of top professionals in the fitness industry, and as such you are required to follow the RKC Code of Conduct.


Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification Requirements. A turning point came in when one of my clients, Dr.

Dragon Door, perhaps in response to this, has sought to move itself strategically away from strength alone, ketttlebell into a broader more general fitness category.