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‘s Act 22, Argentina was the enactment of Act 22, in . 13 “ Multicanal SA y otro s/Denuncia Infracción Ley 22,, ASCJ. 22, () (Ley de Defensa de a Competencia/Competition Defense Act/ CDA) –95, , –13, Arts 1–2. El resto del artículo describe la aplicación de la ley argentina de With the adoption of the provisions of Act 22,, the Argentine antitrust case law began to.

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II Year in Review In the year in review, according to public sources, 6 the antitrust authorities closed investigations in 48 anticompetitive cases.

Description Alfonso X noven VII Private 222622 Section 51 of the Antitrust Law states that individuals and companies that have been affected by anticompetitive conduct have the right to sue in judicial courts and claim for damages.

The definition of dominant position is stated in the Antitrust Law as follows: The Congress is currently analysing a bill with modifications of the Antitrust Law.

To determine the amount of the fine, the antitrust authorities take into account: The Banking Regulation Review Edition 9 Editor Jan 2262 Slaughter and May Banking regulation is a never-ending quest to balance the three major policy objectives of leh stability, consumer protection and the needs of developed economies for reliable services involving the provision and intermediation of finance.

According to the Secretary of Trade, this proposal will promote competition in the markets that were involved in the investigation. This image 222262 annotated: Environmental law is global in its reach.

VIII Lry Developments The current national government has declared that it intends to modify some of the sections of the Antitrust Law — mainly those regarding thresholds for merger and acquisition 2262. The Antitrust Law provides no guidelines on what market shares give rise to the existence of a dominant position on one or several markets. The above is the complete regulatory plexus that currently controls both anticompetitive conduct and merger and acquisition procedures in Argentina.

An understanding of the international framework will provide thoughtful manufacturers and distributors with a strategic advantage in this increasingly competitive area.

Further, the Constitution of Argentina promotes effective competition between markets in Argentina.

This work is free and may be used by anyone for any purpose. Mr Greco acknowledges that the antitrust authorities in the past have failed to comply with the terms established under the Competition Act as regards conduct and merger control cases.


It is expected that new cases will be initiated in the coming years. The provisions envisaged by Act No. The Life Sciences Law Review.

Argentina – The Dominance and Monopolies Review – Edition 6 – The Law Reviews

Regarding the PRISMA case in which the CNDC stated, as a result of an analysis lry the credit card and electric payments markets, that the company has a dominant position in some sub marketsin the Secretary of Trade approved the proposal filed by the company. The proposal filed by PRISMA obliges the company to divest per cent of the shares and prohibits more than one bank, that is operating in Argentina, to be shareholder of the company, so as to prevent vertical integration.

Once the defence has been filed, the antitrust authorities may consider the explanations satisfactory or conclude that there is no merit in continuing with the investigation. It is important to state that this list is not exhaustive; any conduct shall be considered anticompetitive when 22622 of Section 1 are involved. If you 2262 questions about the archived correspondence, please use the OTRS noticeboard.

The Employment Law Review.

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Cartels are a surprisingly persistent feature of economic life. This sixth edition of Lye Foreign Investment Regulation Review provides a comprehensive guide to laws, regulations, policies and practices governing foreign investment in key international jurisdictions.

Wikimedia has received an e-mail confirming that the copyright holder has approved publication under the terms mentioned on this page. The chapters in this book, which contain a wealth of learning about these significant developments around the world, will serve as a useful place to begin. While hugely diverse, it is possible to discern common challenges and leg approaches in very different countries. This page was last edited on 14 Julyat The Oil and Gas Law Review.

In the year in review, according to public sources, 6 the antitrust authorities closed investigations in 48 anticompetitive cases. Practices that imply abuse of a dominant position usually involve those practices that obstruct the entry of potential competitors in the market and those that exclude existing competitors.

The Banking Regulation Review. Dominant position is not forbidden by the Antitrust Law — the prohibition is only focused on the abuse of such dominant position. In this last case, the antitrust authorities will investigate the enforcement of the arrangement for three years. It has also stated that a dominant position does not necessarily derive from an absolute dominance that may enable a company to exclude lye competition, but it is enough for it to have a strong position that may allow it to act in a highly independent way.


The relevant market in an investigation will comprise two basic dimensions: Further, companies are liable for the acts of their employees even those who are not in a managerial position that are performed on their behalf, for their benefit or with their assistance. In effect, the CNDC has held that a position of dominance is the economic power that a company has to prevent effective competition from being maintained on a relevant market, thus enabling it to act to a great extent independently from its competitors, customers and let.

III Market Definition and Market Power According to the legislation of and usual practices in Argentina, the analysis of anticompetitive acts, conduct or behaviours follows a procedure in which, as a first issue, the definition of the scope of the relevant product and geographic market involved in the investigation is highlighted.

Section 1 of the Antitrust Law focuses on unilateral actions, as well as bilateral or multilateral actions. The antitrust authorities may enforce precautionary measures, such as ordering the key of the injurious conduct while the analysis of the investigation is taking place.

Government contracts, which are of considerable value and importance, often account for 10 to 20 per cent of gross domestic product in any given state, and government spending is often high profile, with the capacity to shape the future lives of local residents.

Multinational companies make business plans based on the laws and regulations of the countries in which they are headquartered and have 222262 facilities as well as the countries in which they distribute and sell their products.

Notwithstanding this, an investigation may also be initiated ex officio by the antitrust authorities.