LM–XX. Input. Cin*. µF. CO**. Output. 1. MOTOROLA ANALOG IC DEVICE DATA. Three-Terminal Positive. Fixed Voltage Regulators. This family of fixed. the LM is available in the SOT package, as well .. †The specifications for the LMH/ devices are not contained in this datasheet. Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. 2All trademarks are the property of their respective.

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The ESR of the output capacitor should range between 0.

The only reason for choosing tantalum might be lifetime, and this can be designed for with aluminium wet electrolytic caps. It is possible to connect a small tantalum in parallel to a large electrolytic if cost is an issue. To provide loop stability they require an output capacitor which has both capacitance and ESR in selected ranges.

Spikes above rated value will produce a literally flaming melt down. Absolute maximum ratings note 1 if militaryaerospace specified devices are required, please contact the national semiconductor sales office distributors for availability and specifications.

The output capacitor is “safe” against spikes in most cases. Depending on feedback parameters you might get low frequency oscillation, slow enough to see as variations on a “DC” meter and you might get more like MHz signals.

If the feedback is negative overall the system is stable and the output is DC. Tantalum is an OK choice but is not the best choice.

PDF LM340 Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )

Tantalum offers OK cost per capability at capacitances from about 10 uF up. Would the output oscillate with high ripple or be undefined or what exactly would happen?

The 5v, 12v, and 15v regulator options are available in the steel to3 power package.


Email Required, but never shown. Although designed primarily as a fixed voltage regulator, these devices. Lm pdf, lm description, lm datasheets, lm view.

Ordering information heatsink surface connected to pin 2.

Series 3-Terminal Positive Regulators

I’ve read this so many times – “maintain regular stability”. Its principal role is to provide loop stability for the regulator.

A spike more than a small fraction above a tantalum capacitor’s rated value risks it’s total destruction in a high energy circuit, such as this one is. The acceptable range of ESR plotted versus load current is shown in Figure By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Ddatasheet of Service. Would the output oscillate with high ripple or be undefined?

Solid tantalum capacitors have a more stable ESR over temperature, but dqtasheet more expensive than aluminum electrolytics. An integrated circuit or monolithic integrated circuit also referred to as an ic, a chip, or a microchip is a set of electronic circuits on one small plate chip of semiconductor material, normally silicon. Average Temperature Coefficient of Output Voltage.

Sign up llm340 Email and Password. The input capacitor is a typical reservoir capacitor, its value is relatively non datasheeh. With the price of tantalum these days I would recommend using one of your electrolytics with a small ceramic capacitor in parallel – say nF.

The input voltage must remain. MikeJ-UK 5, 11 Output 1 2 3 Heatsink surface is connected to Pin 2. Under the diagram on the front page they note “Required if the regulator is located far from the power supply filter” – to which you could add datashewt another dataeheet decoupled portion of the supply”. Lm three terminal positive fixed voltage regulators components datasheet pdf data sheet free from datasheet data sheet search for integrated circuits ic, semiconductors and other electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors and diodes.


Output capacitor Many modern low drop out high performance regulators are unconditionally unstable as supplied. Higher capacitances are also stable.

Any increase of the output capacitance will merely improve the loop stability and transient response. Lm datasheet, lm datasheets, lm pdf, lm circuit. The overall feedback is described by a transfer function involving the components involved. Mc, mca, lm, lma series motorola analog ic device data 3 electrical characteristics vin 10 v, io ma, tj tlow to thigh note 1, unless otherwise noted.

LM Datasheet catalog

Lots of related pictures. The following is what you may see in typical circumstances – actual results lm30 widely but this is a guide. It depends on what you are powering but it’s not usually all that critical unless ripple and transient response are especially critical for you. There is no reason to not use them there. A tantalum capacitor is not required to meet this specification.

Also, how exactly does the ESR come into play here? The following is comment on what you may see in typical circumstances – actual results vary widely but this is a guide. MattYoung Actually yes, it is. What would be an example of an unstable regulator?

The input capacitor is at risk from “bad behavior” from other parts of the system. XX these two digits of the type number indicate voltage. Post as a guest Name.

I’ve read this so many times – “maintain regulator stability”. Output capacitor ESR required for stability: I wasn’t criticising you – sorry if it seemed that way. It’s called “peer review”, and it’s basically what all the scientific papers go through. The output capacitor is more crucial.