The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church has ratings and 36 reviews. David said: I had read this book several years ago when I first had learned a. by Vladimir Lossky First published Sort by Teología mística de la Iglesia de Oriente (Paperback) Teologia mistică a Bisericii de Răsărit (Paperback). Vladimir Lossky, Teologia mistică a Bisericii de Răsărit, trad. Vasile. Răducă, Editura Anastasia, Bucureşti, , pp. See also David C. Dawson Vásguez.

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Eastern apophaticism jealously safeguards the antinomy of the trinitarian dogma, the mysterious identify of the Three-in-One; resists the Western formula of the procession ab utroque.

Based on how my understanding was able to grow, having no exposure to Eastern Orthodoxy, I think this book is quite friendly to those of us who were, spiritually-speaking, born and raised in the Roman Catholic or Protestant traditions. Herein lies Lossky’s thesis.

Lossky lays the foundation for readers so that the answers an eastern orthodox priest would give me will make deeper sense. Lossky quotes profusely from the great mystical theologians of the Eastern Church, from various epochs and geographic locations to display the inherent unity of thought on mysticism in the Eastern tradition.

MIT Press, Lossky’s explanation of basic catholic small “c”i. I waited for the usual “heading Their antinomical status supports such an interpretation: When a United Methodist pastor, my Bishop, knowing my strong mystical leanings, encouraged me to find inspiration in Eastern Orthodoxy.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Maybe a theologian would like this. This is a great book that brings the day-to-day living of Christianity to new heights – heights that have been marginalized or lost in the Western world, even within Christianity itself. A beautiful monograph on Eastern Christianity.

The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church by Vladimir Lossky

May 30, Stephen Hayes rated it liked it Recommends it for: Apr mistic, Brian Cubbage rated it really liked it. Keep in mind that this book was written as an introduction for the non-Orthodox mainly the heterodox. Its purpose is to illustrate the differences between the two spheres of the church’s thought and practice while also emphasizing their basic similarity.


There are other books out there that are more user-friendly.

Where should we place the decisions of the ecumenical councils, which comprise the dogmatic formulae that became normative teachings of the faith for the entire Christian community?

As far as spiritual faith, beyond rationale religion, to me the Eastern Church is the most indepth-spiritually within the Christian communion. Lossky’s theological study penetrates the mind and beyond, reaching all the way to the depths of the spirit. Mar 27, Jason rated it it was amazing.

There is so much more to life, and the flow of energy is all the wrong way round.

I don’t think this was a short-coming. The procedure can be explained by the fact that God does not objectify Himself, even though He phenomenalises Himself by revelation, which turns theoretical knowledge into knowledge by grace supposing not only theoretical truth but also becoming acquainted with the living God. I can visit an Orthodox liturgy and badger the priest there with all those types of questions.

In a broad sense, one in which I believe others will agree, herein lies everything one could ask from a book on Theology. I cannot see any view button Remember me on this computer. Was a major text in its day, but much of it has not stood the test of time. Under these circumstances of having to keep the distance and not idolise God, the only discourse that remains possible, as Jean-Luc Marion himself assumes it, is the discourse of praise, the prayer Click here to sign up.

Perhaps I should have persevered. What I appreciated most what that each chapter leads to the next, and each chapter builds on one another. If Marion analyses theophany in the outlines of saturated phenomena, Lossky yet again stresses the importance of dogmatic antinomies which make up a crossing towards apophaticism and not just the simple affirmations that need to be annihilated by negative theology or by metaphysical critique.


Vladimir Losski – Wikipedia

However surprising, this connection between theology and mysticism is completely assumed by Lossky and considered defining for Christian Orthodoxy. A very important element for this discussion is the fact that the idolatry does not disappear even when the idol is exposed; the best example is Nietzsche: This is a remarkable df, speaking to a union of mind and heart. I think that everyone who I had read this book several years ago when I first had learned about the Orthodox Church and was trying to find misttica more about.

Haven’t finished it yet, and probably wont, but i am very glad to have had a window into another tradition’s world. Instead, Lossky gives us the story of the Trinity. And so, he shows us how the spirituality of the East formed their theology, and how the theology of the patristic church fathers AD forms the spirituality of those in the Eastern Orthodox faith.

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The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church

Other Christians could gain immeasurably from this The critique of the idea of ‘the dark night’ was good, but could gisericii balanced out by Merton’s ‘New Seeds Jun 14, Volkert rated it it was amazing Shelves: In working through my BA in Bible and Theology at an Evangelical Friends college, I became familiar with the stock headings of systematic theology. Jan 04, Harry Allagree rated it it was amazing. However, what was gained is the conclusion drawn, namely that apophatic theology escapes the accusation of being onto-theology by proving to be postmetaphysical theology.

Apr 02, Adam DeVille, Ph.