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మహా ప్రస్థానం [Maha Prasthanam]

The following famous intro’ is only to help in a critical appraisal of the great poet. We do not yet have in our possession a balance that can weigh its worth. Read it long long back and would like mahaprasthznam read it again as I didnt understand much of it at that time.

A new era book. Open Preview See a Problem? Mar 21, Ram rated it it was amazing. Mmahakavi I got my own copy Oct 22, Ramprasad rated it it was amazing.

View mahakavk 4 comments. Sep 02, Kranthi rated it it was amazing. The poetry shows panache and yet so crisp and pellucid that I so used to enjoy learning all the Poems of Mahaprasthanam and I ended up memorizing the whole book.

Jan 11, Dinakar rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is not at all a one time read.

May 21, Sai Aitharaju rated it it was amazing. Jan 18, Bharadwaj Kakumani rated it really liked it.

I shall rate it once I read it again. Dec 31, Jyothi rated it it was amazing. We reproduce calaM ‘s certificate below.


He wrote about songs for telugu films. Paruchuri Sreenivas swears that the preface too was written around the late s! Don’t miss the preface by Chalam. Nov 09, Aditya Srii rated it it was amazing Shelves: More kavitas will be posted when we know about the copyright status of the book. Was a delight to re-visit “Saisava Geethi” after the condensed version in a Telugu textbook, and also “tarajuvva”.

He broke the classical style of telugu writing and introduced free verse in telugu poetry. Taught me life, to live, to let go, and to care. THis book mhaprasthanam a great exampl A powerful, inspiring and revolutionary book inthe phase of thelugu literature. My favorite is a poem regarding History, I loved it and then felt it.

Sep 02, Sirisha Behara rated it it was amazing. Europe was inching itself towards a devastating war. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The lines in the poems bring out a great social responsibility in the readers heart. Later the book went through very many printings issued by Visalandhra Publishing House. A powerful, inspiring and revolutionary book inthe phase of thelugu literature. You should be privileged to have read this. We thank Sri Venkataramana Srirangam. He was best known for his literary work Maha Prasthanam. You should be lucky to have this. The book talks about the social issues that people faced in ‘s and 40’s.


But very helpful for a common man. The mahakavu helped change Telugu poetry forever after.

But there are very few books among the Jnanapeetha club that can measure up against mahAprasthAnaM. You should be ignorant, if you’re able to skip it or unable to sip it!

Praveen’s blog: Sri Sri Mahaprasthanam

His ideas and thoughts and his revolutionary modern simple style of writing brought poetry out of the courts of Maharajahs to the common man. Yet, srl will continue to revisit the book for a long time to come.

Perhaps we never will. For more information, please look at the official web site. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I decid Sri Sri So it may be safe to assume for the preface and for the actual publication.